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The simulated clinker, fibreclass hull of the Cockle (made from 6oz GRP) has a straight stem and slightly raked transom.


Buoancy tanks are fitted fore and aft, made from 6oz GRP overlaid with a further 4oz GRP layer. Additionally, two inflatable buoancy bags are fitted under each side bench. The Cockle is gunter rigged, which provides a higher aspect ratio sail whilst retaining the mast at an easily manageable length.


The mainsail is lashed to the boom, gaff and mast and has one deep reef, whilst the jib has roller furling gear. The wooden mast sits in stainless steel stays.


The tabernacle also houses the centreboard winch which makes for very easy raising or lowering of the galvanised centre board plate. The centreboard adjusting rope makes off on a cleat at the aft end of the centreboard casing so is within easy reach of the helmsman.The mainsheet is lead by blocks to a midships located horse mounted on the transom above the tiller.


The lifting rudder blade is of stainless steel with a haul-up arrangement and cleat on the tiller.

It has a maximum recommended load of 375kg (827lbs) and can carry 5 persons. The Cockle underweight EEC tests and has approved to carry five adults. It is also RCD approved and is a very safe, sturdily built, reliable boat that offers great fun for all who sail her, and is also enjoyable to potter about in when under power by a small outboard.